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Become an Indispensable Makeup Artist

Being the best at what you do means doing things in a different way. Let's talk about some of the top skills you will need to thrive as an MUA in todays market.

Showing Up Differently

Social media is a great tool. But sometimes we gotta go old school. Habits are an essential tool for growth.

It is not enough to just be great at what you do, there are so many greats. While I prioritize training and learning new skills, you need to show up presenting your best.

Find tools that make your work stand out. Be clean and organized. Pack essentials and a bit more. Some of the best artists in the world always have more than what they need. Don't hurt yourself but be prepared for anything and you will be remembered.

Dress Well

Your image is important. Wear Clean clothes. Black is polished, professional and aesthetically pleasing. Smell good and carry deodorant and fragrance to stay that way.

Use a lint roller to remove dust. Wear comfortable, attractive foot wear/

Listen More Than You Speak

As time moves forward you will begin to build more and more relationships with your clients. This is great! But remember your clients are not your personal friends. Remain professional, avoid using profanity or spilling too much of your personal life. It is natural to want to have conversation just keep it to a certain point. We all have that one client. sure. If you feel comfortable, share. Just know when to stop sharing and remember the client is coming to you for your expertise, not your life time story of advice. If they ask you, sure. Otherwise keep is filtered. think of it as a reel not the whole movie!

With these tips you are sure to be at the top of your game!

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